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2019 Invitational

DeKalb Show Choir Invitational

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

DeKalb High School hosts one of the finest run show choir contests in the Midwest. We are focused on providing a great educational experience for high school show choir students & directors and have built a reputation of being a consistently outstanding contest.

We provide 2 quality performance areas where choirs and individuals can compete for top honors. We accept unisex, varsity choirs (those matching Class B classification from ISSMA) and championship choirs (those matching Class A classification from ISSMA), as well as individuals who can compete in a separate solo competition.

The DeKalb Show Choir Invitational is an ISSMA qualifying site for those Indiana schools who wish to be considered for the Indiana State Championship.  The championship division is for ISSMA Class A groups and is based on a school size of 1400 or larger for grades 9 through 12.

*Early Bird pricing is available if your group is registered by September 15th!

*Placements are determined by order of entry received. First group to enroll get the last performance time, so the quicker you sign up, the better your performance time will be.